Chemiron means quality

Did you know...

Feeling tired or weak and weight loss can be the initial symptoms of anaemia; it may be difficult to identify, but can rapidly deplete the ability of your blood to carry oxygen around the body.

Quality Assurance & Research

At Chemiron, we take the quality and efficacy of our products seriously; our in-house dedicated QA facilities are one of a kind and use advanced technology to ensure we remain at the top of the industry standard.

Our QA department is completely independent from the manufacturing unit and follows the British Pharmacopedia quality benchmarks; our team of dedicated QA professionals ensures your final product is of superior quality.

All our raw materials are sourced and imported from the finest and cleanest sources in the world, before going into our production process; a process of the highest standards, which is designed to eliminate any possibilities of contamination.

Our research department is expanding and evolving, as we look towards creating and launching new products and brands in the near future. We are also working with experts at leading educational institutions, to assist us in developing effective nutritional supplements, which truly add health value to our consumers.