How to treat anaemia

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I treat anaemia?
  • If there is an underlying cause of the anemia, that should be addressed if possible e.g. a stomach ulcer leading to blood loss – the ulcer should be treated first in order to heal it. This should be followed by the intake of an iron supplement.

    In most cases of anaemia and the most commonly occurring iron deficiency anaemia, a supplement such as Chemiron is needed, in order to provide the body with additional iron and other nutrients.
    In today’s hectic environment, our lifestyles rarely allow us to ensure our diet is perfectly balanced and contains enough iron and other essential nutrients.

    An iron supplement, such as Chemiron is the primary treatment for anaemia; it will help in elevating haemoglobin levels and enriching the blood, with immediate effect.

    The vitamin B12 and folic acid, also contained in Chemiron’s Blood Nourishing Capsules play a vital role in addition to iron, in producing more RBCs.

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